Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: July 2019

Welcome to my Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post for July 2019.   In case you are unaware, May Dreams Garden hosts this flower party and bloggers around the world show off what is blooming in their garden.

We are in the middle of an awesome display of Hydreangea quercifolia 'Ruby Slippers' right now.  The front of our house is landscaped with a hedge of these beauties and they are looking good this year.  Neighbors and folks driving by keep stopping and asking what they are, so clearly, we've done well with the popular vote.  As a side note, its weird talking to strangers in stopped cars along the road about your garden.  It's slightly less strange to do it with people who get out of their car.

The miniature waterlily we planted in the new pond is blooming, but it was incorrectly labeled.  This is definitely the white blooming Helvola.  I don't know what it is (and haven't done a lick of research trying to identify it), but I love the color and I'm so glad it isn't the white one, because this is better.

The pollinator garden is really starting to shine.  I love how great it looks during the hottest part of summer and early fall.

The Plant Geek and the Garden Apprentice started a bunch of different zinnia seeds that she received as a birthday gift.  We have planted all around the yard, and they are looking great!

The beauty berry is in bloom.  The flowers are rather understated, but the berries that come later are a beautiful purple. The bees are drawn to them like magnets.

Of course there are always a few daylilies re-blooming in garden.  This year we have quite a few. Some are re-bloomers and others are the first blooms on late season plants.   I've labeled each picture with the cultivar name, just in case something strikes your fancy.

'Above the Clouds'

'Jaws of Life'


'Brooklyn Twist'


Hope you enjoyed seeing what was happening.  It will be interesting to see what is blooming next month once the heat really takes hold.  If you want to see what is blooming in other gardens around the country, stop by May Dream's Garden and see the Garden Blogger Bloom Day that she hosts there.


  1. Beautiful blooms...specially liked the pink Water lily...Hydrangeas are such an amazing breath of fresh air with so many colors .Happy blooms day.

  2. You have the most interesting daylilies! I love 'Above the Clouds' and have now added that to the list of daylilies I "need," even if they aren't the happiest plants in dry conditions like mine. The Garden Apprentice did well with her Zinnia seeds too.

  3. Unusual daylilies. I would love a pond, and could probably dig one and in winter use the flooded areas to fill it, but one of the dogs would take it as a new doggy pool! I was going to say, "some day," but I'd rather have him than a pond.

  4. Your macro shots of the zinnias are good. Your pollinator bed is great. Isn't it fun to get a flower you like as opposed to the one you wanted. It seems it worked out this time with the water lily. Happy GBBD.

  5. Beautiful!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  6. I just noticed today that my 'Ruby Slippers' is starting to change color. Mine are nowhere as large as yours. Great daylilies!

  7. I live and garden at the corner of two busty roads, so I get constant feedback and questions about my garden -- the compliments are nice, but it can be wearying at times as I just want to garden and have very limited time to do so - so the interruptions can be a bit tiresome.... but I am always pleasant as I want folks to be inspired to garden for themselves.

  8. Gorgeous hydrangeas!! And I love "Brooklyn Twist." I may have to investigate that one.


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