Cottage Gardens

We recently went on a trip back up to New York and spent some time at a few different daylily gardens.  While our season is long over, due to some wacky weather earlier this year, they were at or close to peak bloom.

Our first stop of the day was a visit to Cottage Gardens.  We've actually visited this garden two other times.  The first was back in 2012 when we were in New York for my sister's wedding and the second was in 2016.  Both of those years were extremely dry in that part of New York, but that was definitely no the case this visit.

Everything was green and looking amazing.  I loved this tricolor beech that Brent has as a center piece in part of his garden.  We don't grow beech trees down here, so we enjoy them when we see them.  Half of the garden is a cottage style garden around the owner, Brent's, house.  He has some other plants mixed in and curved beds and even a pond.

In an adjacent piece of property, there are even more daylilys lined out in numbered beds.  While this system isn't a beautiful as the cottage style to me, it does make it easier to see each plant.

We have gotten smarter and had pre-ordered a bunch of things, because like every other daylily garden I've ever been to, they sell the plants right out of it.  This means that they go our and divide off a few fans when you buy something.  It takes a while to get an order ready.  Pre-ordering meant we could take our plants with us that day.  We even showed some restraint and only added two additional plants onto the order.

Once we had visited for a while and got al of our purchases, we headed back out to Olcott, NY to visit another garden.  I'll fill you in on that visit in another post.


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