Carnivorous Garden

Our current carnivorous plant set-up isn't much to look at.  We have them in cement mixing tubs in our greenhouse.  Not being exposed to the Texas winds and thunderstorms really keeps their pitchers looking good.  I miss having them out actually in the garden, but since they are healthier and look much better, in the greenhouse they will stay for right now.  

Here is the garden we had at our old house.  There were some good and bad points to this set-up.  After a few years of this look.  The carnivorous were moved to pots in plastic wading pools.  This system was better, but still wasn't perfect.  Texas is a hard place to grow these plants.

April, May and June 2012


  1. Love your carnivorous garden, especially with those bright blue pots! I've grown (though managed to kill) a few carnivorous plants myself, and a pitcher plant is one of my few houseplants.

  2. Thanks! This was all at our old house. The wind always did a number on the pitchers, so right now they live in our greenhouse. The blue pots are around the pool and the bathtub is empty right now. We used it to hold drinks for a party last summer. :) The current plan is to use it in a new garden bed we are planning on creating this summer.

  3. These are quite interesting. I have seen them growing in bogs but I have always been afraid to try to grow them. Good job.


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