My Kind of Wreath

July in Texas is hot.  It's not much fun to work outside, so we do a lot more inside stuff that time of year.  This past summer I found a picture of a terracotta pot covered wreath and decided to make one.

The picture didn't really come with any instructions, but that's never deterred me from a craft project, so I jumped right in.  The first I rummaged around in the shed and found all the tiny pots we had.  We had a lot.  Then I wired them onto a wreath frame.  I wish I could say I had some awesome technique, but I kind of made it up as I went.  I used a lot of wire.

Next I had to cover up all the ugly wire that I had everywhere, so Spanish Moss and a lot of hot glue were employed.  Hot glue fixes may crafting issues.  Once again, I sort of squirted a lot of hot glue, pressed moss into it, and burned my fingers a lot.

At this point I went to hang up the wreath and realized that my plan to hang it on our gate wasn't going to work.  It weighs a lot.  So a new plan was created to hang it on the fence that hides the pool equipment.  Then it sat....and sat...and sat.

Until a this May.  I finally put soil in all of those little pots and the put some rooted cuttings of a really tough succulent we have.  Finally I topped it off with a little sphagnum moss to help keep the soil in the little pots.

So finally, 10 months after I started, the wreath is finished.  Can't wait to see how the plants do this summer.  there isn't a lot of soil in those little pots, so I'm not sure if it will be a garden win or a fail.


  1. Cute! I hope it withstands your summer.

  2. I too think this is cute. I wish you luck with your sedums. I can never get anything to grow in hanging pots. I hope your climate keeps them going.


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