Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: November 2017

Fall is here, but we still have blooms in the garden!

I think this is Salvia madrensis.  It's big and yellow and the foliage has great texture.

It also tipped over while we were out of town and now it's left a whole in the border and is blocking the pool deck on one side.  Next year it's getting staked so we don't have a repeat performance.

This is the first year we've had blooms on the toad lilies and they have been spectacular!  I can't get over how beautiful each little flower is.  A few of them just seem to keep blooming.

Some of tropicals are still going strong.  Most will keep blooming until we get a frost.  Some years that's in November, some year much later.  I've heard it supposed to be a cold winter here, so I'm assuming winter will start early., but there isn't any sign of it in the forecast right now

We had an Iris re-bloom.  This one doesn't have a tag, so it's either a transplant from our old house, or a friend's mother's house.  Even without a name it's still beautiful. 

We have one 'Autumn Minaret' daylily scape blooming.  Our first daylily opened April 14th, so we've had blooms for about 7 months this year.  Definitely a successful season!

What's still blooming for you?


  1. Lots still going strong in your garden! Love that last shot of the tropical bed by the pool! Stunning iris and your dinosaur poop (Farfugium japonicum 'Aureomaculatum') is quite lovely! Happy GBBD!


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