RIP Super Sweet 100

Well, it was good while it lasted.  It finally got hot and we ended up with a mite problem.  We've never been able to control mites on a tomato plant long term.

They basically destroy the leave on the plant until there aren't any left.  Then we have a weird tomato stem.  It also gives the mites a place to live in our garden, since we never can seem to completely eradicate them.

You can see where the damage had gotten really bad.  It happens FAST and the mites are impacting a few different plants in the garden overall.

Admittedly we didn't let it get very bad prior to removing the plant.  It was right up on the patio, in our faces looking ugly and harboring the offenders.

It looks neater and less like a tomato jungle.  The citrus trees will definitely enjoy more space.  We're working on their form this year, so being able to see it from behind all the tomato foliage is a good thing.

Don't worry though.  I left myself a little gift for the future in the form of a ripe tomato in the back of the pot.  I have plans for a fabulous spring/early summer Super Sweet 100 next year!


  1. Tomatoes fresh from the garden are delicious but sometimes the plants just get to be too much. Sorry about your mite problem but I bet it feels good to be done with the tomato jungle.

  2. Oh that is too bad! I've battled mites before on the tomatoes in my greenhouse, and it's definitely not fun. Tomatoes are just so fussy sometimes that it's just good to cut them down and be done with the hassle! It's been so cool here in Massachusetts lately that we are only now starting to get ripe tomatoes.

    1. Thanks for visiting! They can be such a pain. Maybe I'll try again in the fall. I have considered a garden specifically to supplement our tortoise and box turtles diet. Something to think about!

  3. So sorry for your tomato because they usually crop thought the worst of the heat. Darn spider mites. Nothing seems to control them including fine mists of water which organic gardeners say works. I found spider mites all over my eggplant this morning. The ants alerted me. But then I saw a lady bug and those mealy bug defenders so what's a gardener to do? Can't spray or I will kill the good guys. They had better be feasting day and night.


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