Eating Watermelon...Finally

After numerous years of unsuccessful watermelon growing, this year has turned out to be a bumper crop in our garden.  Well, actually four melons, but that's a lot more than zero.  This past weekend I decided to pick one of the melons.  I wasn't really sure how to tell if they were ready or not, but I really wanted to try one.  So logically I just picked the one that started forming first.  I figured it would be the closest to ripe, and would want to wast time actually finding out how to determine ripeness.

I brought it inside and cut it open.  Fortunately, it is ripe and pretty tasty.  It made a great afternoon snack.


  1. Yum! Our summers don't get hot enough to have great success growing watermelon. Glad you enjoyed the first of yours.

  2. Nothing better than fresh, cold, watermelon! I hope it was delicious!


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