Do you water your lawn?

Growing up my father watered his lawn a lot.  He still does.  Water is cheap in New York and he loves a green lush lawn.  We don't water our lawn.  Water is crazy expensive in Texas.   Quite a shock when I first moved here.  We don't waste it on our weedy lawn.  Typically by the end of June our grass (aka: weeds we mow and maintain as if they were grass) is all brown and crunchy.

Here you can see the beginning of this years brown out.  I'm always amazed at how fast it greens back up.  We had two weeks in a row where we got a lot of rain (for the DFW area in the summer) and the whole thing greened back up.  We even had to mow.  Now two weeks later, and two weeks with out any rain or supplemental water, we are back to the brown.

Sometimes we talk about creating a nice little patch of grass in the front yard once we have all the garden beds completed, but really we like to focus our water on the big plants and the garden beds, so who knows if that little postage stamp of green will ever come to furition.

Do you water your lawn in the heat of the summer?


  1. We don't water our lawn either. Just one patch of buffalo grass is the lawn anyway. Buffalo grass is meant to go dormant without water which means it stays brown most of the time. That does not bother me, we spent years mowing and watering lawns when we lived in the northeast and that was enough.

    Compared to our neighbors the savings on water is significant. Other costs add up too, I'd rather spend it on plants.

  2. During the summer, it is still important to water your lawn because if it doesn’t receive water, it will go dormant. Yes, during severely hot weather, your lawn grass may turn brown, but you don’t need to worry, because it will most likely recover during the fall season. That’s why even if your lawn looks like it has no chance at all; you should still give it the proper care that it needs. Your lawn will be able to recover sooner if maintained properly, despite the detrimental weather conditions.

    Elizaveta Kramer

  3. Loved your images, Rebecca. I wish I had a project oriented husband. I told my friend the other day that waiting for him to decide is like waiting for the sky to turn green!


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