Plants I Want: Eucomis

As I like to say when we are plant shopping, or visiting a garden, or just driving by something that strikes my fancy...

My garden would really benefit from the addition of this case a Eucomis.

Eucomis (also known as the pineapple lily) are native to South Africa and like sun-part sun.  This one is Eucomis comosa in the Dallas Arboretum's Trial Gardens.  I love it's shiny, strap-like leaves and it's cute little pineapple like flower spike.  There are a number of different types of Eucomis that have different colored foliage and flower spikes.

Right now we don't really have a full-sun garden where this plant would fit with the look, but I'm thinking that maybe one would work on the sunny edge of our new shade tropical garden.  That would probably qualify as part sun.  Hopefully I'll find at least one to try out in our shopping adventures.


  1. I, too, am always seeing plants that I want to put in my garden - but just may not have the right space for them. This is a great looking plant! It would look good in my garden, too! ;)

  2. That IS a great looking plant... but where would I put it? Besides, my Honeyman has banned me from planting any more this season. I'm trying to curb my addiction to nurserys.


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