Borglum's Iris Gardens

Borglum's Iris Gardens was actually one of the first places we visited when we arrived in New York.  We left the airport, had lunch at my parents, and then headed down to the finger lakes for the wedding rehearsal, stopping along the way. 

When we arrived we were greeted by Sylvia and got a quick tour of the property.  July isn't really the right time of year to visit, but I can imagine (and have seen some pictures on their website) of what spring looks like.  They have fields and fields of iris.  They also have display gardens, a bunch of peonies ( 200 named cultivars according to their website), some daylilies, and a large hosta collection. 

Unlike Grace Gardens, Borglums has areas of plants that are for sale, some that are for display, and some that are growing for future sale.   We visited with Dana and Sylvia Borglum in the shade (since it was pretty hot) until we had to leave to get changed for the wedding rehersal.

We made a second trip after the wedding on our way back to my parent's house.  We picked up a few  Supria Iris and a few hostas for my parents.  This little lady followed us around during our plant buying visit.

The hostas have already been planted in New York and the Iris have been potted up in Texas.  Hopefully we'll be up in New York in the spring at some point and visit again and see Borglum's Iris Gardens at it's peak!


  1. Hello Rebecca! Visiting a nursery before and after a wedding party sounds really geek indeed! :) and you define 'a bunch' something like 200 peonies?! What kind of irises did you bring home? I want details....

    1. We tend to veer into geek rather frequently. :) In my defense, it wasn't peony season, and that majority were in the display garden. It was sort of hard to see what was what. The irises sort of overwhelmed everything.

      We actually had the owner pick out three of "his best types" of spuria iris. We ended up with three gigantic clumps that he though probably had more than one type in them. None were labeled. We're excited to see them bloom. At this point we have a very small collection of bearded iris, so we were excited to try out this new kind and didn't have to worry about repetition.

  2. Oh, my! I can just imagine how beautiful this place is with all the irises in bloom! How wonderful to be able to visit it, even without it being at its peak. Love the cat!

    1. The one owner said that it stops traffic.


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