A Trip Up North

Last week we got leave the Texas heat and head up to New York for my sister's wedding.  It was pretty hot there too, so while we didn't really get to cool off, we did have a great time (and managed to fit in some Horticulture tourism).  The wedding was at Glenora Wine Cellers

The whole wedding was great.  The food, music, cupcakes, etc.  The ceremony took place on the hill overlooking Seneca Lake. Check out the view!

After the wedding we went to stay with my parents.  They have been doing a lot of work on their garden the last few years and this was the first time I had gotten to see it in the summer (Somehow you don't get the whole picture in December when the garden in question is located in western New York).

The fish pond had to be redone due to a leak.  Not surprising since it was installed when I was in Middle School. I think it may have been the project that started the garden rehab.

My mom LOVES hostas.  They are featured heavily in the backyard.  It's shady there and since they had some tree work done that opened up the canopy, they have been growing like crazy.  It was mentioned that they were blooming really well this year.

 Here's another view of the backyard.  Lots of hostas, ferns and shade lovers.

They also had a lot of work done in the front yard.  The landscape that was put in when the house was built was getting really overgrown and the timber retaining wall was rotting away.  It was time for a change.  I have been able to see all the new hardscape work when I've been up in the winter, but it was great seeing all of the plants!

I'll tell a little bit about the interesting nurseries we visited on our trip latter on.  It's good to be back in Texas, even if we near record breaking temperatures yesterday.


  1. Looks like a lovely trip even if you didn't get to cool off. Lovely gardens building up at your family home. Hostas are wonderful plants, we can't grow them at all down here so we appreciate them more.

    My husband is from western PA and it's such beautiful country with all the rivers and lakes. Fall foliage is so special too.

    1. Hostas are pretty tricky here in Fort worth. they have been working on some more heat tolerant varieties and the trail program at the Dallas Arboretum has had some good luck. Maybe you'll have hostas you can enjoy in the future.

  2. Your parents have a great garden. I like hostas too and mine are starting their blooming.

    Have a nice Monday!


    1. Thanks! I love hostas too. they are tricky to grow in Fort Worth. There are some new one that can stand up to the heat a lot better than hostas past. We're trying a few in our garden currently.

  3. Some of those hostas are huge! The pond looks great. It makes me want a water feature.


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