On the Road

Last weekend we headed out to a few nurseries.  Our first stop was Callaways in Arlington.  they were having a big sale for Mother's Day.  Halfway through our shopping the sky opened up and it poured rain.

I'm not sure what it says about you when you just continue shopping under the covered parts of the store.  We ended up getting a few hostas that we will be able to divided into multiple plants, some annuals, and some fertilizer for the veggie garden.

Next we headed to Marshall's Grain because we needed chicken food.  The Grapevine store isn't just a feed store, it is also a nursery.  We ended up getting a great Hydrangea paniculata 'Quick Fire' and a passiflora vine.  This is not the Quick Fire, it's a hydrangea called Incrediball. 

Our last stop was a the big box home improvement store to pick up potting soil.  As usual we checked out the sale racks and picked p a few variegated ginger plants for us and for a friend.  The were about 75% off.  We love a good deal.

They had some lollypop gerbara daisies for sale that were pretty spectacular.  We didn't take any home, but I'm sure the gigantic flowers convinced many folks to buy.


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