What's Blooming: April 2012

We went to First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX this month and on the way home stopped at Pope's Azalea Farm.  We were on the hunt for some additional plants for the new shade tropical garden.  Below are two of the beauties we brought home with us.

The clematis began blowing early this month.  It's growing on a fence the eventually will be covered with flowering vines. You can see the veggie garden in the back of this picture.

Indigofera growing along the same fence.  It's related to the indigo that fabric is dyed with.  Right now I love the plant, but it sends out runners and forms a thicket.  We'll see how I feel down the road.

One of the bottle brush shrubs we planted along the flowering shrub boarder and the shrub boarder in the chicken yard.  

The lantana is going strong.  This is one of the random plants that just seem to pop up throughout our yard.  We have some as sort of a weird looking shrub in the middle of the front lawn, one growing under the stick pile, one in a weedy patch between our yard and the neighbors, etc.  Each year we're here we end up with one of two more. I keep saying I'm going to dig them and put them somewhere in the chicken yard (they don't seem to taste good to the chickens), but I haven't yet.


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