What's blooming: Irises

Right after we moved to Texas we had the opportunity to go to the Fort Worth Iris Society's fall plant sale.  We picked out a bunch of Irises for our new yard and two years later we actually have a bloom on one of those plants.  (Admittedly, they aren't really in the best of spots and will be getting relocated to an area they should like much much more.)  Here it is.  Isn't it a pretty one?  Unfortunately, the tag that went with the iris is MIA, so I'll need to do a bit of research to figure out what it is.  Plant labeling isn't really one of my strong suits.

Beside the "fancy" iris plants we bought, we actually have three other types of irises in our yard.  They're in yards all over the neighborhood (including the the yard that I refer to as the "Iris Lady's House").  The first summer we were here I dug all of the iris I could find along the fence, so we could kill the weedy mess that was that part of the yard.  They got plunked into a temporary bed in the way back of the property and receive minimal care.  They will be joining there friends in our front yard along our fence.

Ignore all the weeds.  Like I said, it's a temporary bed in the way back of our property that we don't do much to.


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