What's Blooming: Spring has Sprung

After spending most of my life in the northern United States, I understand the joy that spring brings.  Winter is usually long, cold, and dreary.  On the first warm day it seems like EVERYONE is outside, trying to soak up as much of the nice weather as they can, because who knows, winter may make a reappearance tomorrow.

In my opinion winter in Texas is pretty warm, pretty sunny and really short.  Never the less, folks here are happy to see spring too.  Most of our bulbs are up and many are blooming, trees are leafing out and spring plants are blooming like crazy.

Our  Tete-a-Tete daffodils have come up and look so cute.  This daffodil is a small one reaching about 6 inches tall with blooms are 2.5 inches across.  Ours are planted on the south side of our house under the Mexican Beautyberries (Callicarpa acuminata).

A lot of our seasonal color ends up along the front of the house.  Our winter pansies still are looking great in the pots, as is the alyssum that we planted last June.  Our Musscari has started to bloom along the wired concrete curbing that all of our garden beds are edged with.  We have two types of tulips, one is called "Dallas Blooms", the other is a mystery tulip left over from a bulb class.  Maybe after it opens all the way we'll be able to identify it.

The okame cherry trees that started blooming in the beginning of the month, are now in full bloom.  They are young trees, so at this point they really don't put on much of a show.  In a few years, after they grow a bit, they will be awesome in the spring.


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