Making new plants from the old

At our old house in New York we had an impressive collection of coleus plants.  At one point we had close to forty different types of coleus in our collection.  We would take cuttings every fall and propagate new plants in our basement for the next growing season.  Now our collection is a lot smaller.  We lost a bunch of plants to heat and stress when we moved to Fort Worth, and there isn't really a place to buy the assortment of coleus that were available in New York and New Jersey.

Coleus cuttings

Now we've started other plant collections and really just use our coleus as bedding plants in our shady yard.  This coming year they are going in one of the new gardens we installed last summer.  We've already started cutting of coleus, sweet potato vine, purple heart, and beefsteak plant.  I'll outline how to propagate from cuttings in an upcoming post.


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