A Pond: Part 2

Shortly after moving into the house I decided that we needed a water feature of some sort.  This spring we finally started creating one for the garden.

After a weekends worth of work, we spent a rainy Saturday at our local water garden store, which as it turns out, it almost an hour away.  While the weather would be a deterrent to some, others see it as an opportunity to use their umbrella and wear their rain coat and rain boots.  She likes rain gear...a lot.  (Poor kid will be pretty bummed during the long, dry Texas summer.)

We picked out three plants for the garden to start with along with some oxygenating plants for in the water.  I honestly wanted more, but I also wanted to have space for fish.  So three for right now.  I may add more later, I may try to talk other members of the household into other water gardens to hold more plants...who knows, it could go in a few different directions.  I promise I'll ask for opinions before I do anything crazy like start raising tilapia in the pool. (Please note, just a joke, while I tend to want all of the animals, I do not currently want to get into aquaculture.)

Even with the nasty weather, it was a fun trip and we had the place all to ourselves.  We looked at their fish (and they had lots of nice ones), but we decided to hold off on anything fancy right then.  We may add something fancy later this spring or next summer.

Once we got back home, the sun came out and I set out to arrange everything.  The fountain gave me some trouble, but it was more of an operator error.  Once I got some assistance for the other members of the household, we were back on track, and water wasn't spraying 7+ feet in all directions.

The plants are all on cinder block and flagstone stacks to get them to the correct water level.  The fountain ended up being off center so we had an area to view the fish.  Not being one to sit around and wait, some "basic model" fish we acquired shortly before dinner that day.  Feeder goldfish from the big box pet store and gambusia from a local fish store.  

We haven't had a water garden since the house in New York about 10 years ago.  I'm excited to see how everything fills in and to see how the fish do.


  1. It looks great & it will be fun to watch the feeder fish grow.

  2. I had a pond in a previous garden and having fish in it was one of the most fun things about it.

  3. I've always wanted a little pond like this. You've done a great job! Your garden assistant is very cute in her rain gear too.

  4. I would love to have an above-ground pond like this. Good work!

  5. Feeder fish are beautiful. I had them once and they grew just large enough that the racoons found them. :( I hope you have better luck. Your plants will fill in. Looking good.


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