Welcome!  I started as a gardening child in my parents garden, community gardened in college, container gardened in graduate school and now finally have my own garden.  Actually, I share it with my husband, the true "plant geek" of the household, our daughter, dogs, cats, a tortoise and turtles.  We are all about the gardening in our household.  We both went to school for gardening, met at a garden, got married in a garden and spend  a lot of our free time outside in the garden. 

I garden in zone 8a, on a slightly larger than average lot in the middle of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.  Since our garden isn't exceptionally big, we have to be mindful of what we plant and make sure it's "earning it keep".  Right now we have a few different gardens being developed: 
  • Shade Garden: Under the shade of a gigantic Southern Magnolia this garden was born.  It is a mix of perennials and shrubs.
  • Tropical Garden: This garden features the alocasia and colocasia, as well as our tertraploid daylilies and bananas.  It is situated around the pool and looks best when swimming.
  • Ruin Garden: The plan is for this area to look like a garden that has grown up through a ruin.  We were inspired by gardens at Chanticleer, but we know that ours won't rival what they have.
  • Butterfly Garden:  A small butterfly and pollinator garden along our driveway.
  • Agave Garden:  Don't want to mow the Hell Strip in front of your house?  No problem, plant a garden instead.  This garden features agave, hardy cactus, and our rain lily collection.
  • Mable's Bed is a daylily garden that features the daylilies hybridized by Mabel Mathews.
  • Barrier Garden: A mixed border bead of perennials, daylilies, shrubs and some small trees.
  • Tortoise and Turtle Gardens: Located under the shade of a large fig tree, these gardens are the homes of our pet tortoise (Petunia) and our Gulf Coast Box Turtles (Tulip and Buba).

My current passion is daylilies and daylily hybridization.  What isn't to love about being able to create your very own one of a kind plants.  Trust me, I'm not alone in this.  Take a look at the American Hemerocallis Society Database to see how many others have this same passion.  


  1. Hi, Rebecca,
    your blog is interesting, I liked reading your posts although our zones are pretty different :-)
    Saint Petersburg


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