Monday, May 28, 2012

Chihuly at Night

Like lots of garden lovers in our area, we went to the Chihuly exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum this week.  We were lucky enough to go and see in at night.  My pictures don't do it justice.  Later this summer I want to go back and see everything during the day. All the glass isn't leaving until November, I have I time to get back there.

 Mirrored Hornets

 Purple Canes and Mexican Horns

Quad Pod (aka Pastel and White Chandelier)

 The Sun

Purple and Pink Canes

 Blue and White Marlins

 Dallas Star

 Citron Tower

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pot Re-Do

Recently we pulled out some tired pansies and replanted some heat loving summer plants for my in-laws.  Some of the pots are in a sunnier area of the yard.  

These got a nice coleus (Sedona) and a Copper Plant (Acalypha), with a bit of purslane and sweet potato vine.  the junipers are permanent fixtures in this pot arrangement.  Were hoping the have a funky orange, yellow, purple thing going on once everything fills in.

The other pot is in a shadier area and we went with a nice mix of Caladiums.

Last year this pot was full of impatiens and struggled during last summers oppressive heat.  Fingers crossed that this year won't be a record breaking one like last year, but these planting should work regardless.

Field Trip: Conington's Nursery

This past weekend after we finished out new fancy log wall/edge, we headed across town to a new to us garden center we had learned about on a local garden themed television show.  Covington's Nursery and Landscape turned out to be really nice.

I picked up a pink passionflower for the fence in the veggie garden.  I even managed to get it planted Sunday evening when we got home.

I also picked up this tropical milkweed plant.  It is currently homeless, but we'll end up finding a sunny spot for it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Living on the Edge

We have added some edging to the carnivorous garden that will double as chicken fencing when the ladies break into the front yard.  It wasn't too hard and took less time than expected.

A tench was dug, logs were selected, stuck in the trench, and then we back-filled around them.  We occasionally used the chain saw to cut a log down if it seemed to tall for it's spot.  Since we had an abundance or logs, we were even able to be a little picky when we selected/placed them, so minimal cutting was required.

You can still see the last bits of the log pile from the really large tree we cut down ages ago.  It's really mostly bark at this point.  It will get moved to the stick pile or compost pile soon.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Myer Lemons

This winters pollination really paid off.  My Myer Lemon tree has quite a few lemons growing on it.

Last year I got one lemon and this year there are more than five.  So assuming that five lemons make it through the summer and ripen...I'll have increased my production by 500% (Assuming that I did my math the right way)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

On the Road

Last weekend we headed out to a few nurseries.  Our first stop was Callaways in Arlington.  they were having a big sale for Mother's Day.  Halfway through our shopping the sky opened up and it poured rain.

I'm not sure what it says about you when you just continue shopping under the covered parts of the store.  We ended up getting a few hostas that we will be able to divided into multiple plants, some annuals, and some fertilizer for the veggie garden.

Next we headed to Marshall's Grain because we needed chicken food.  The Grapevine store isn't just a feed store, it is also a nursery.  We ended up getting a great Hydrangea paniculata 'Quick Fire' and a passiflora vine.  This is not the Quick Fire, it's a hydrangea called Incrediball. 

Our last stop was a the big box home improvement store to pick up potting soil.  As usual we checked out the sale racks and picked p a few variegated ginger plants for us and for a friend.  The were about 75% off.  We love a good deal.

They had some lollypop gerbara daisies for sale that were pretty spectacular.  We didn't take any home, but I'm sure the gigantic flowers convinced many folks to buy.

What's Blooming: Agapanthus

One of our newly planted Agapantus is blooming in the shade tropical garden.  Instead of the normal purple flower, ours is a white with a hint of purple.

This second picture shows the colors better.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Is it a bench or is it a log?

Here's a look at our new bench that is in the Carnivorous Plant Garden.  Well actually it's tree that we cut down shortly after moving here and then let sit in the yard for over a year while we figured out what to do with it.  You can even see the remains that were stuck underneath it that we haven't had a chance to move yet.  Eventually there will be plantings around it to anchor it in the garden a bit more.

While it sat waiting for us to make a decision, beetles went to work on it.  
Now it's covered with swirly trails from their eating.  Pretty cool.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Shade Tropical Garden: Part II

We've got the majority of the plants planted.  This weekend after we plant the last of the annuals we're suing to fill in bare spots as everything grows, we're going to lay some weed cloth, soaker hoses and mulch everything. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Super Sweet 100's

We got our first tomatoes from the vegetable garden yesterday, along with a cucumber and a green pepper with just a hint of blossom end rot (typically caused by a calcium deficiency here).  I ate half the cucumber and the three super sweet 100 cherry tomatoes for lunch today.

Super Sweet 100's are a small cherry tomatoes, that like the name implies, produce long clusters of sweet tomatoes. I have always had good luck with them.  One summer I kept a running total of how many I picked.  I stopped counting at 1000.

Sadly, this year's vegetable garden has already outproduced last year's. 

What's Blooming: Nasturtiums

 I plant flowers in my vegetable garden.  This year I have portulaca, purslane, and nasturtiums.



I think they look good in the garden, and this case are technically edible, though I have yet to add them to a salad.  Supposedly they taste peppery.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Someone New in the Neighborhood

There's someone new in the neighborhood...

We have a family of screech owls living in a hollowed out part of an oak tree in our yard.  We didn't notice them until one of the mocking birds went ballistic trying to scare it one day while we were outside.  That evening we noticed the adult fly out of it's hole and then saw two little owl faces inside.