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A Rainy Saturday Morning

The weather took an exciting turn here in DFW this week.  It rained...a lot.  It was wonderful.  When my daughter woke me up Saturday morning (at and ungodly hour), I was so excited to hear the sound of rain. After a few very dry months everyone was more than ready for a little relief.  We can't remember the last time we had significant rainfall at the house.
Saturday morning a few members of the household decided to head outside into the light sprinkles between heavy showers.  It took some convincing that both going outside in our pajamas, and going out in the rain was okay.  Once those hurtles had been crossed we did a quick turtle/tortoise check to see how everyone was doing int he rain.  They were all good.  Then it was time for some serious splashing and made foot prints on the dry concrete up near the house.

Then we decided that even though it had poured rain all morning and was supposed to rain for the majority of the day, that we should probably water some of the flowers.…

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