A Bed Extension

We inherited a large pot.  It's good to work at a place that is running out of storage and is being forced to clear out the stuff they can't use.  We had always talked about extending the pollinator bed all the way down the sidewalk.  It stopped about 3 feet short and forced us to mow a strange little patch of grass.  It seems that a decent amount of our garden design centers around ease of maintenance...probably a common trait among gardeners. 

Our talk had never really materialized in any sort of a plan, we just would casually mention it in conversations about the garden.  When the big pot came home, we finally had something to get us started on the project.

It was actually a lot simpler that it could have been.  We just ripped apart the wall, stole the foundation course that was underground (we were shocked that these blocks were there, most of the work in our house has been questionable) and rebuilt the wall in it's new path.  Since we originally didn't think we would have the extra blocks, it was going to be one course and then step up to the original height.  This looks better.  Since this wall is short, the foundation courses shouldn't be missed.

The added space has already been filled with some new plants we had waiting for a home and we added a bunch of succulents around the base of the pot.  They aren't "pollinator plants" but they do mirror some of the stuff in the Agave Garden on the other side of the driveway.  I'm excited to see how everything fills in after this refresh.

Right after we planted it

About four weeks after we finished the project


  1. What luck to inherit this huge pot. Well done.

  2. It looks lovely! Much more 'complete' over there!


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