Lets Do a Puzzle

The first step of the terracotta pathway project was clearing the area...and it needed some clearing for sure.  The Plant Geek had installed about 10 feet of concrete stepping stones using one of those molds you can buy at the big-box hardware stores.  They all needed to be moved to make way for the new and improved pathway.  A few weekends ago the Garden Apprentice and did"our puzzle" as she called it.  So I moved a lot of stones.  

After who know how many wheelbarrows full of concrete "stones" and a little arranging and we came up with this.  It's in a trial phase right now.  If we decide we like it and that it's staying, we'll add some decomposed granite around all the "stones" to lock them in place.


  1. Nicely done! Your apprentice called the shots on placement while you did the heavy lifting?


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