Where did you go...

I'll let you in on a secret, by the time fall hits, I'm really for a gardening break.  Like clockwork every year, October comes and I'm ready for winter and begin to turn my attention indoors.  It probably makes me a rather bad garden blogger.  I basically stop gardening sometime between October and November. I just don't care to work outside and there is really little anyone can do to get me excited.

Fortunately, the true Plant Geek keeps things going.  He spends time all winter puttering in the greenhouse propagating plants and starting seeds.  (I'll write more about that later.) I start working on other things, like knitting, refinishing furniture, and crafting.  My best project this year were the paper flower trees I made.

Each tree took a lot of paper flowers.  Luckily I had purchased a dictionary from the 1970's at the library's used book sale.  I had plenty of pages.

I think they looked great this winter with some greenery from the garden.  They lived on the buffet the entire holiday season (though the greenery didn't last that long).  Now they are tucked carefully away for next year.

I'm starting to get excited about spring and gardening again, I'm chopping at the bit to go camping,  cant' wait to start the pound project we have planned for this year and I'm ready to start writing about our garden and our adventures outside.  It's good to be back!


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere! Your paper flower trees are gorgeous! It's funny how this time of year has us all ready to be outside again.

  2. Welcome back. Your winter project is sweet.


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