Looks Who's Back: Super Sweet 100's Returns (and Leaves Again)

Look who showed back up!  Less than two weeks after I cut the volunteer Super Sweet 100 plant down it had started growing again.  It had actually started to get pretty tall, so I tied it back up to the stake that I hadn't bothered to remove.

Sadly, not to long after I had warmed up to the idea of fall tomatoes and all of their yummy-ness, I noticed the tell tale signs of mites.  Lot of damage to lots of leaves.  After all the damage they did to all of the elephant ears the first time they came through the garden, I was not taking any chances.  The rest of the plants have just now started to look good again.

So I swiftly cut the poor guy back to a stub again and tossed the clippings in the trash can (no hanging out in my compost pile waiting to prey on my other plants).  Anyone think I'll get a third round of tomatoes?  This seems like the tomato plant that won't quit!


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