Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: July 2017

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is hosted on the fifteenth of every month by May Dreams Gardens. Here's a taste of what's blooming in our zone 8a Texas garden.

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The butterfly garden is still going strong.  The Echinacea are starting to fade, but some are still looking good.  The Black Eyed Susans and Salvias are looking great. 

We have a sizable succulent collection and one or two of these plants always seem to be blooming.  The flowers are really beautiful up close, but since they are so small they are easily overlooked.

We have quite a few things blooming in the tropical garden right now.  Our cannas and hardy hibiscus are really the biggest source of color this time of year around the pool, but we do have some other plants.  Below are a few that were looking good today.

We have Plumbago in pots with some cannas, white vinca, and sweet potato vine.  They had almost been completely taken over by the other plants.  I almost moved them a few weeks ago, but in the last week or so, they have finally taken off and have started to bloom.

Our Turk's Caps are doing great.  The hummingbirds have been really enjoying their blooms.  I even caught two fighting with each other over the three shrubs we have.  They are actually doing a little too well and have taken over more than their fair share of garden space, so we will probably move two in the fall to some other spot in the garden.

Our Pereskia grandifolia, or Rose Cactus, is blooming like crazy.  It's actually a succulent and has long thorns along it's stems.  It's in a large pot with a few other plants.  A fun addition we were gifted by a friend who is a grower.  We treated it like crap all winter in the greenhouse, luckily it's tough and didn't mind the abuse.

We have had a few Brumanisa blooms on one of the plants this week.  A welcome sight around the pool.  We really get a great look at them while we swim.

A few of our daylilies are still blooming.  'Autumn Minaret' is probably the best right now.  It's taller than I am, blooming like crazy, and even setting a few pods.  It's blooms are even holding up well in the heat.

'Autumn Minaret'
We also have a bunch of daylilies that are re-blooming.  Most aren't labeled as re-bloomers, but we aren't complaining.  Who doesn't want more flowers.

'Spider Man'

Hope you enjoyed the little tour our July blooms!


  1. Lots of gorgeous blooms! I look forward to seeing more of your garden through your posts.


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