Region 11 Summer Meeting

We just got back from the Region 11 Summer Meeting in Oklahoma City. Our family had such a good time.  Each participant received three free plants and we won a few others during the meeting.

'Little Red Flirt'
The best part of the meeting to me were the garden tours.  We had the opportunity to visit five private gardens and one city garden all focused on daylilies.  Friday and Saturday were pretty hot, especially by Oklahoma standards.  Fortunately, tours start at 7:00, so we beat the worst of the heat.

'Peanut Sunrise'
 On our way to and from the meeting we stopped and visited a few other "horticulture tourism" locations. Friday's visits included Renrick Farm and Gardens in Chickasha, OK and Bob Scott Nursery in Yukon, OK.  On Sunday we needed to get back to DFW, so we made a quick stop at Windswept Farm in Jones, OK before heading south.

'Spacecoast Tiger Tails-Tango'
We made the trip as a family of three, that's right, we brought our 17 month old with us.  She was ridiculously good and our family was able to enjoy our daylily trip together.  The folks in Region 11 were very welcoming and friendly to all three of us.  We didn't ride the bus with everyone else (a very good decision) and instead followed behind in our car.  It was tricky at times and we had to leave a few meals/presentations a little early, but overall the trip was a great success.  We were are so glad that we are able to share our love of gardening and the outdoors with our daughter.


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