Making New Plants: Adventures in Hybridization

We're trying something new here at the Plant Geeks Garden, hybridizing daylilies.  Daylilies are actually a newer plant infatuation for us.  It all started simple enough, we bought a book called The Adventurous Gardener:Where to Buy the Best Plants in New York and New Jersey.  Then my sister got married in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.  We decided to visit a few places while we were up north.  Two dozen or so plants later we had started a daylily collection.  This spring we took it to the next level and joined our local Daylily Society and even entered our first daylily show.  

Logically the next step is creating our own daylilies.  I think this is why daylilies are so popular.  You don't need to be a horticulture genius to hybridize them.  The plant parts are large and easy to access.  You can see the pollen. The seeds aren't suppose to be too hard to germinate (not that we've tried yet).  So there are seeds in our refrigerator chilling and I'm saving yogurt cups to soak them in.  Fingers crossed we will end up with some little daylily seedlings later this fall!


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