Tomato Pie

This weekend I set off to use up some of the tomatoes I have piling up in the kitchen.  I sort of went rouge, not really following any recipe in particular.

It was easy to make, mostly due to the frozen pie crust I already had in the freezer.  I just sliced up three tomatoes, lightly salted them and then let them drain in a colander for about half an hour.  I hoped that this would help keep the pie from being too wet.  One they were a little less juicy, I layered them in the pie crust with mozzarella (8 oz total), some fresh basil, and a bit of minced garlic.

Then I baked it at 375 degrees for thirty-five minutes and it came out of the oven looking pretty good.  They would say "golden brown and delicious" if we were on the food network.  The plan is to bring it for lunch this week. 

So far the plan is working out great.  Tastes great.  Not too watery.  Re-heats in the microwave at work fabulously. 

What are you cooking from your garden.


  1. I saw a recipe for Tomato Pie last week, and it caught my eye because I had never heard of this! Yours looks delicious! I have quite a few tomatoes coming at a quick pace out of the garden now. May have to give your Tomato Pie a try! Yum!

  2. Looks tasty! A squirrel ate my last tomato. Furry little bastard! He didn't even finish it. He just ate half and then dropped it into the bushes. I have more coming though and just might have to try your pie. I'm also growing ground cherries, which taste like a pinappley tomato sort of.

    1. The squirrels have found my tomatoes too. I have never had/grown ground cherries. They sound interesting.

  3. Yum! My friend Marie would love this!

  4. The tomato pie looks delicious. I might have to try if I enough fresh tomatoes.


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