Grace Gardens

One of the nurseries we visited in NY was called Grace Gardens, located between Genvea and Penn Yan.  Like many of our gardening adventures we read about this nursery in a book.  In this case, The Adventurous Gardener by Ruah Donnelly.

 They have a 4 acre daylily display garden with over 2,000 different daylily cultivars.  

Lots of the flowers were amazing.

Dallas Star

David Kirchhoff

Peppermint Lady

When we first got there we were a little confused on whether any of the dayliles were for sale.  As it turns out, Grace Gardens actually digs daylily fans out of their display.  You walk through the garden and take notes on what you like.  Then you look through the price list and see if what you want is available (some are display only).  We bought some dayliles to bring back home with us.  Here are a few of the daylilies we brough back with us.

Notify Ground Crew (This daylily can get up to 72 inches tall!!)

Seneca Brave

Sweet Seneca Butterflies (a cultivar by Kathy Rood, one of the owners)

Judge Roy Bean


  1. Nice selections. Judge Roy Bean belongs in Texas for sure. Love the tall one too.

    1. I didn't even make the connection with the name (though Tucker seemed to think it was funny I didn't know if it was Bean or Beam when he said it). Some quick googling and I now understand the relevance to Texas. Growing up in New York, we didn't focus a lot of time on Texas history.

  2. Those colours are amazingly vivid aren't they. Such a spectacular plant.

    1. You have to love a plant that can be dug up, have all the soil washed off it's roots, have it's foliage cut back, be wrapped in damp paper, put in a bag and carried onto a plane, and still sends out new foliage while on the trip home. Crazy! They are probably one step above beautiful step. I can't wait to plant then this fall.


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