When most people talk about gardening, they talk about flowers.  Foliage can be just as fabulous as the flowers are in your garden.

It can add lots of color...

or stripes...

 or even spots...

and different textures.

What is adding interest to your garden besides the flowers?


  1. A lovely collection of foliage. With colors and texture like this, flowers would not be missed.

  2. You have lots of great foliage. I tend to be a mostly flower kind of person, but I added some grasses last year.

  3. Love the foliage pics - especially the top colorful ones! It's so satisfying when foliage accents the garden well. I agree that it is a fabulous way to add interest to the garden.

  4. I liked seeing your post today. I too have written about the importance of foliage in gardening. It is the way to carry through beauty when the blooms are not so pronounced, and foliage can carry a garden all on its own. Like you photos today. I have written a whole series called Principles of Design and foliage, texture, and color are covered there. You might like to check them out in past archive postings. Here on the shores of Lake Michigan I have the benefit of the lake and all its beauty which is a great part of the gardens. Many of the postings often have the lake in the background. Always looks great. You can find lots of photos here at: I think you might enjoy your visit. Jack

  5. Beautiful collection. I can't get enough of the coleus now that the sun-loving types are starting to branch out into different colors.


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