Circus Circus Carrots

Today was a good vegetable garden kind of day.  There was a lot of cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, peppers, and carrots to be picked.    All three types of cherry tomatoes have started producing (Super Sweet 100's, Sugary, and Black Cherry) as well as the Purple Cherokee plant.  The two in the picture are actually the second and third fruits that I've picked.  (The first was eaten as a part of tonight's dinner).

Earlier this spring I planted some Circus Circus Carrots.  I have never had good luck with carrots.  Today I decided to finally pick them.  They are getting overtaken by tomato plants and have been growing for more than the proper number of days suggested on the seed packet.

They seemed to have tuned out okay...not exactly like the picture.  They stubby carrot in the middle got it's root snapped off, but they are all less than an inch across and, except for one, only have one root going down.

I haven't tried them yet, but hopefully they will be sweet like the seed packet promised.


  1. What a great harvest and a cute basket for your veggies. This is my first year having a veggie garden so will see what this summer brings.


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