Butterflies in the Garden Summer 2019

The number of different butterflies in our garden has gone up significantly this summer and I am psyched to say the very least.  Here are few of this year's visitors.

Polygonia interrogationis or question mark butterfly

Phyciodes tharos or a pearl crescent butterfly

A swallowtail butterfly

Strymon melinus or gray hairstreak

What I think are swallowtail eggs on the Zanthoxylum clava-herculis

Pholisora catullus or the common sootywing

A skipper of somesort

Black Swallowtail caterpillar on the bronze fennel


  1. Your unknown skipper is a silver spotted skipper. And how cool to see a question mark!

  2. What a great assortment of butterflies, and wonderful photos!

  3. Really nice group of butterfly photos! The photo of "a swallowtail" looks like a Giant Swallowtail and the plant that it is on looks like something in the Citrus Family. Do you have Giant Swallowtails in your location? Perhaps you have some eggs on that plant?

    1. We have a few options for a swallowtails in our area and this one would not hold still for a second. It was all over my mandarin tree, but we have seen the on the trifoliate orange, the Meyer lemon and the Hercules's Club Tree. I have seen leaf damage, but no actual caterpillars.

  4. You've got a great turnout! I've noticed a few more butterflies of late, mainly cloudless sulphurs, but they flit about so frenetically I haven't managed to get a photo.

    1. Sulphurs never hold still for a photo op for me either.


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