When It Rains...

Summer can be pretty brutal in North Texas.  Daytime highs over 100, lows in the 80's, and very little rain.  We've had some fabulous weather in the Fort Worth area over the last week.

We had over a week of cooler temperatures and lots and lots of rainy days.  Such a treat during the typically oppressive summer we normally have. As a transplant for the Northeast, I think Texas summers kind of suck.

All of the rain has caused the Rain Lilies to bloom in our Agave Garden (a garden devoted completely to agaves, sedums, assorted succulents, and rain lilies).  So far this garden has been a great addition to our property.  Our corner lot formally had a small, two lawnmower pass wide, piece of grass bordered on all sides by either streets or sidewalks.  Prefect for the agaves and sedums.  We enjoy the juxtaposition of the "dry plants" and the rain lilies.

Rain lilies only bloom after a rain.  Irrigation doesn't have the same effect.  It has to be the genuine thing.  We've actually capped off the irrigation to this small part of the yard.   That decision is still being evaluated.  

This part of the garden is very low maintence.  All we really do is pick up trash and pull nut sedge.  We don't deadhead the rain lilies and instead allow them to go the seed and self sow throughout the garden bed.

They will get to naturalize over time...assuming we can continue to tell rain lilies apart from the nutsedge.


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