Kohlrabi, the results

So I actually had a chance to try out some of the Kohlrabi this weekend. So after looking around on the internet for a while I have basically come to the conclusion that people typically eat kohlrabi raw or pureed.  I did see a recipe where they pickled some kohlrabi and that seemed sort of interesting to me, but I didn't have all of the ingredients.  I also had no intention of trying it purred.  For some reason that just does not appeal to me.  So I decided to try out the recipe I mentioned in this post

So after a quick rinse off in the sink, I peeled and sliced up a few kohlrabi.

The I dredged them in seasoned flour and pan fried them in some oil.  (I was not very careful and got some extra flour in the oil.)

Once they were golden brown I drained them on some paper towels and seasoned them.  I went with paprika and salt since that was what we had available.

Then I ate them warm (like the recipe suggested).

The kohlrabi home fries were really good, but not as good as the raw kohlrabi was.  It tastes sort of like a mild cabbage and is really crisp.  It would be great added to a salad or maybe in a coleslaw.  I only have a few left to pick in the garden (and they are sort of small), so I will probably not bother cooking any more of them. 

So after my little culinary adventure, I have decided that:
  • I do like kohlrabi. Personally I think it's better raw and I have no plans to cooking it again.  
  • There is strong possibility that I may be persuaded to try pickling it since I do love pickles.
  • I will grow it again (and maybe more of it next time).


  1. Sold - I'll try growing some...and eat it raw. If nothing else the shape is great.


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