Gulf Fritillary Caterpillar

Somebody is eating on of the Passiflora vines...a gulf fritillary caterpillar (Agraulis vanillae).  I only found one, but he seems to be a hungry little guy. 

Once this caterpillar reaches adulthood, it will look like this.  The gulf fritillary's range extends from South America through Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean to the southern United States, as far north as the San Francisco Bay Area on the west coast.

I really enjoy having butterflies in the garden, so I am trying to add to our butterfly friendly collection of plants.  We also have plans to create a small native plant/butterfly garden where the old vegetable garden was.  What's important to remember is that you can't have the butterflies without the eggs and caterpillars, and therefore need to suck it up and tolerate some plant damage.

Do you have a specific butterfly garden or try to encourage them to spend time in your garden? 


  1. I looked at the after photo link of the butterfly. How beautiful! It looks like it will be a welcome addition to the garden.


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