A New Veggie Garden: Part III

Today we added irrigation to the two beds with soil. (Rainy weather has thwarted our plants to get the last load needed to fill the third bed...but we're happy about the rain.)  Each bed has a few runs of soaker hose and can be watered independently of the other beds.  So basically what your looking at in the picture below is some blue hose running into the bed, being split by a "Y" splitter, with one pathway leading to the next bed and the other running water to the soaker hose.

We also started to plant some cool season crops.  Today we transplanted some onions from the old garden and planted peas, kohlrabi, Romain lettuce, and Swiss chard.  After we took the picture we ended up going to Lowes and picking up some buttercrunch lettuce and some strawberry plants.  The strawberries ended up inside the block voids on the right side bed.  The peas are trellised on some upside down tomatoes cages that you can barely see in the picture.


We also took out the stick fence that was around the old garden.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be due to all of the rotten wood.  Now we just need to move the large strawberry pot and  figure out what to do with the area


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